Branding A Freelance Design Business

16 April 2021

I set up Pilgrimage Design in the second half of 2020.

As I have developed my business, I have created invoices, cover photos, letterheads and more. I have been careful to limit colours and type when designing these assets. Over time, a distinctive 'look' has emerged.

I decided it was time to put this into a brand identity, some of which is shared below.

Here are some examples of the brand in action:

I have found that, as a freelancer, branding my business is something that can easily get pushed down the to-do list.

However, it is an essential part of building brand awareness and trustworthiness. After all, I am offering striking visuals to clients so need to present myself in the same manner!

The exercise of drawing up a brand identity was so helpful. Most of the raw materials were there and it was just a case of putting things in writing. Going forwards, it will be great to lean on this as I develop more assets.

Are you after a design for yourself, or perhaps for your organisation? I'd love to chat! Email me at :)

Sam Thorogood | Pilgrimage Design