Dreaming Up A Music Poster Series

30 August 2021

You know when a song really hits you?

When its tune gets into your head and its lyrics into your heart?

Well, Josh Garrels' 'Zion & Babylon' recently did that for me.

The song contrasts two world views found in the Bible. One is all about consumption, exclusion and violence. The other is all about peaceful humility.

I decided to dream up a poster series based on the lyrics of this evocative song.

Creating these ten posters was a great way to put into practice some of my learning from California Institute of the Arts' Graphic Design Specialisation, which I am currently completing.

The typography module in particular was a big influence on how letterforms stack, interact with one another and layer up in these designs.

Through typography, colour and composition, I was able to contrast Babylon (busy, aggressive, unsettled) with Zion (serene, calming, finished).

By implementing the same layout, all ten posters feel of a piece.

Are you in need of a poster design? Let's make it happen! yourpilgrimagedesign@gmail.com :)

Sam Thorogood | Pilgrimage Design