Nothing brings me more joy than encouraging, empowering and equipping those around me. It’s why I love graphic design. Each day, I have the privilege of collaboratively creating visual solutions.

Enter Pilgrimage Design.

Why this name?

Well, I once walked an ancient pilgrim way across Great Britain, coast to coast. It was blissful, painful and spiritual, all rolled into one.

There were three things that made it possible:

I believe that all pioneers need these things too.

1. Destination. Where are you going? What’s the goal? What does success look like?

2. Route. How are you getting there?

3. Company. Who do you want to join you on the journey?

I’m Sam Thorogood, a bilingual (English/French) graphic designer with a background in charity fundraising and theatre marketing. You can find my CV by clicking here:

If you want to work with me (I hope you will), here’s my pledge.

I’ll partner with you to understand your destination, where on the route you are and—crucially—who you want to bring along.

I’ll then design a sublime brand identity that will connect you with those people, whether they’re clients, customers, colleagues, congregations, communities...

I’ll be professional, communicative and transparent throughout.

Why not have a look at the different branding packages I offer by visiting the 'Services' page?

Sam Thorogood | Pilgrimage Design