"Professional, minimalist, eye-catching branding that will bring in new English students."

That was the brief for this project.

The deliverables were:

-a poster in Japanese

-a poster in English

-a square graphic in Japanese

-a square graphic in English

-a brand that could be applied to future marketing materials

Some early ideas. Red was rejected because of its association with warning signs in Japan:

This was the final style guide:

Izaak (pictured above) had this to say about the design work he received:

"Clients can expect a professional and personalised experience from start to finish.

The process is entirely collaborative and Sam does an excellent job of tailoring the product to your specifications, whilst bringing his own artistic flare.

He responds quickly to queries, and is not satisfied with the result until you are.

I am an English tutor, and was very happy with the high-quality advertisements I received. This will enable me to expand my business in the future."

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Sam Thorogood | Pilgrimage Design